Pink For Those Who Fight Breast Cancer

Last year, my friend Lorraine battled Breast Cancer. Today, she is a survivor. Shortly thereafter, her daughter was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Recently, we heard she won her battle.   I dedicate this shirt to my friend Lorraine and her daughter who are both Breast Cancer survivors with our brand new series of  I Wear Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness shirts, apparel, merchandise and unique gifts featuring  a unique pink ribbon with floral elements to support this cause while also banding together to support family and friends  battling Breast Cancer.  This series also includes support from Aunt To Wife and is  brought to you by  It is ideal for Breast Cancer awareness walks, awareness events, awareness month, support groups, team events and any occasion to help raise increased awareness and in support of those who fight Breast Cancer.

Breast Cancer shirt  GoPinkShirts.Com – AVAILABLE on I Wear Pink For My Aunt to Wife.
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Why Do You Wear Pink? Breast Cancer Awareness

We at GoPinkShirts.Com designed a great tribute tribute shirt  to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October with this touching slogan ” I Wear Pink For All Women, For The Warriors, For The Survivors, For The Families, In Memory of The Departed, For The Cure and Because I Care.”  It includes so many reasons to wear pink to support Breast Cancer Awareness on behalf of  those who fight it, survive it, their families and in memory of the departed.  Ideal for those of you attending awareness events such as walks, fundraisers, support groups or any occasion to support your pink ribbon cause while making a poignant statement.


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Get Your Gloves On To Fight Like a Girl

Get your gloves on and fight like a girl to advocate for Breast Cancer Awareness with GoPinkShirts.Com t-shirts and gifts highlighting empowering and inspiring graphic designs on “Fight Like a Girl” shirts and gifts available at our newly remodeled store.  What does Fight Like a Girl mean? It means that you wholeheartedly stand up for a cause that is important to you as an advocate, you give it all you got to fight for a cure as a warrior, and you find ways to give back and promote awareness as a survivor.  Fight Like a Girl is more than a slogan. It’s also about hope, determination, courage, faith and the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.  It’s about promoting cancer awareness for all women who are affected or  diagnosed with cancer every day and paying tribute to the energy and enthusiasm of all women who are fighting back against all cancers.  Click on the t-shirts links to view our merchandise and products in this inspiring message

Gloves-FightLikeaGirl Jr. Hoodie FightLikeaGirlBreastCancer Women's V-Neck Dark T-S FightingLikeaGirlBreastCancer Women's Cap Sleeve TGloves-FightLikeaGirl Women's Dark T-ShirtCoolFightLikeaGirl Jr. Raglan PinkRibbonFightLikeaGirl Women's Cap Sleeve T-Shir BreastCancerFightLikeaGirl Jr. HoodieBreastCancerFightLikeaGirl Women's V-Neck Dark T-S